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[YMMV] Chase Sapphire Reserve Up To $250 Retention Offer

Some Chase Sapphire Reserve card holders are seeing retention offers of Up To $250. The Chase Sapphire Reserve has an annual fee of $550 but till the end of the year is honoring renewal fees at $450 (the old annual fee rate).

It comes with a $300 travel credit which helps offset the annual fee and they’ve allowed you to use that $300 credit this year towards things like groceries due to lack of travel. With the retention offer, this could very well help eliminate the annual fee.

Based on the numbers, I assume if you’re annual fee is set to renew at $450, it’ll be $150 offer and if it’s set to renew at $550, you may get the offer for $250, effectively in both cases making the annual fee $300 (which is offset by the credit you receive). Again, these are YMMV but if you’re up for renewal, doesn’t hurt to ask.