[YMMV] Cash App Boost: $10 off Any Purchase

If you aren’t already aware, Square has a Cash App that allows you to send money peer to peer much like Venmo, except the transactions are private. Unlike Venmo, you also get a debit card which has unique discounts called Boosts. These discounts are applied in real time.

Currently, the Cash App is offering some users $10 off Any Purchase with a minimum of $10 or more. So if you buy something that costs exactly $10, it’s basically free!

They run multiple promotions all the time and this is an amazing app to have if you don’t already have one.

It’s important to note that each Square Cash user sees slightly different offers. People in different regions get specific offers that only show up based on their region and additionally there are targeted offers that only show for some users. For example, I got the $10 off Any Purchase offer on my account but my friend didn’t. Still worth getting the app.

Use code DDXFDJP when signing up to get an extra $5 bonus.