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Discover: Gift Card Discounts Including Apple

Discover has a great deal to redeem your cash back towards many gift cards earning 20% extra value. One of the best is 15% discount towards Apple gift cards, up to $200 value per redemption (I’m not sure what the limits are).

This means you can get a $200 Apple gift card for $170 value. If you shop a lot at Apple, this is a great deal. Apple gift card works for everything unlike the older iTunes gift card they use to carry which specifically only for iTunes and App Store purchases. Those went away and the new Apple gift card works for everything, from in-app purchases to physical products you wish to buy.

Log into your account, check out redemption options, browse all the available gift cards. These are a great value for your discover points which are normally worth only 1 cent per point. I generally save my Discover points towards Amazon discounts or things like this where I can get higher than 1 cent value per point when possible.